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1) Power output: 500W
2) Flash guide No.: 78
3) Output control range: full to 1/32 stepless
4) Halogen modeling lamp: 250W
5) Recycling Time to Full 220V-240V/50Hz:0.8~1.6s
Recycling Time to Full 110V-120V/60Hz: 0.8~3.3s
6) Color temperature: 5600K200K
7) Flash duration: 1/800~1/1200s
8) Flash tube: "plug-in" Tube (user replaceable)
9) Flash trigger method: slave sensor/ Sync cable / test button
10) Triggering voltage: 5V low voltage trigger
11) Cooling fan: Yes
12) Auto power dump: Yes
13) Power source: AC 220-240V/50Hz or 110-120V/60Hz
14) Accessories included: Reflector,Power Cord(4m),Synch Cord(4m),Modeling lamp,Instruction booklet
15) Weight: 2.8kg
16) Dimension(cm): 32x13x13(without reflector)
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